About Us

All our work is guaranteed and is performed in the outmost professional matter. As you can see we've worked with major cruise lines, and those are just some of our work.  We specialize in most of the marine industry needs such as / but not limited to DRY DOCKS...HYDRAULIC REPAIRS...CYLINDER REPAIRS...PLATFORMS...SHELL DOORS...WALK WAYS...WASHER BASKETS...LEAKS etc. we provide all types of coolers 

( oil, water, etc ) and much more...

Many businesses forget how important their costumers are, however  AMH wouldn't be operating if it weren't  for the loyal customers who come time after time for services rendered at AMH. If you are not a direct client yet we hope we can show you how we are ready to bring solutions to your mechanical, hydraulic ans structural problems. 

American Mechanical & Hydraulics (AmericanMH) can service local, natinal, and international companies.. and guarantees excellence, efficiency , experience to all your problems.

Let us show you how!!! 

Over the past several years we have worked on various projects with several well know cruise lines that offered us an oportunity to show them that we deliver quality work/labor on a timely manner. 

Disney Cruise Line

 Custum made plataform/ramp for Disney Wonder at Port Canaveral. AMH design allow for 3 section folding and opens up 62 feet. However, AMH can custom make heavy loading ramps for the needs of any vessel. 

Holland America Cruise Line

Repair on an Anchor Mooring Winch

Norwegian Cruise Line

Repair of a hydraulic unit for stabilizer.

Costum fix washer as well as maintenance and / or repair of hydrauic system.

Accumulators repair / overhaul.

Repair heater and water pumps

Parts and Full Service Repair of engines.

Princess Cruises

Repair of all Winches on Pacific & Ocean Princess

Carnival Cruise Line

Custom made flushing machine.


AMH parts division allows to comercializing ORIGINAL SPARE PARTS for Diesel Engines and on-board equipment from piston rings to a turbo component. From water pumps to machine shop fabricated parts customized at our shop. In AMERICAN-MH we maintain solid and wide international relationships. Thanks to our great experience in the sea sector, our Logistics capacity makes it possible to have at your disposalany pieces you require anywhere in the world in the shortest time possible.    

Our Workshop

We also offer a complete mobile machine shop. It's designed to do the most complicated jobs on site. This eliminates the hassle of having to do urgent complicated jobs outside the ship.